Black Peas


A legume native to Spiti and Ladakh, the plant of black peas is similar to that of green peas but whilst green pea has a white flower, black pea has a beautiful red flower. Dried black peas can be cooked like rajma (kidney beans) or mixed with it. You can sprout them and also make a paste mixed with tahini.

The disappearance of Black Pea from Spitian diet is a sad truth of agriculture monoculture practised and encouraged in the valley.  Black Pea was traditionally grown in Spiti before it was replaced by green pea primarily because of government subsidies. This change was even more tragic given that farming of black pea was completely organic whereas green pea is known to depend on pesticide and is prone to fungal infections. 

Grown in small clusters in upper Spiti valley and along the Lingti valley, Black Peas are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.



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